Be the change.

Nothing is more corrosive than the tolerance of bad behaviours in the workplace.

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Bad behaviours in the workplace drag down the good people around them. We all know that person, the person who gets away with the inappropriate, abusive, or intolerant comment. And so much worse. People in the workgroup should not be subjected to abuses.

Nothing destroys morale, adds stress, and often does personal harm
more than the tolerance of bad behaviours.

This year the Weinstein effect, #metoo, #timesup, and other initiatives are gaining traction. People and businesses will be held accountable for their actions, or lack of action, and a response is needed.

All bad behaviours need to be identified and removed from workplace interactions. Harassment, intolerance, discrimination, bullying, and inappropriate behaviours cannot be tolerated. The costs are too high.

Nowadays there are companies that place considerable emphasis and expense to achieve a sustaining workplace culture. This is wasted when bad behaviours are allowed to tear them down.

Many good companies haven’t realized how big the problem is. Some film industry and media companies have had their problems exposed. High profile people are speaking out.

The challenge is to give a reasoned voice to all people being improperly treated and for companies to become aware when and where problems exist.

PeerSpheres allows companies to hear the voice of all employees, no one can hide or avoid their bad behaviours.

Our Be the Change initiative is our service to all affected people. We appreciate the high profile people speaking out, and now want to give all voices big and small their time to speak up.

Better interactions, better workplaces, better for everyone.

PeerSpheres turns individual observations into a collected voice with the awareness of everyone’s knowledge.

Generate a profound impact from a simple stand-alone system. No interconnection with HR processes or other company systems.

There are approximately 200 million people in the North American workforce. But whenever any person is subjected to any of these bad behaviours they generally feel like they are the only one being abused. Reservations about the role of the HR department and even Ombudsmen often loom over them. Suffering in quiet, or confiding in a friend will never produce change

Lets not leave them alone.

The extent of bad behaviour and their costs are not often measured. These counterproductive efforts have never been fully recognized, let alone accounted for. Collectively we see and know inappropriate or malicious behaviours when they are occurring.

Now, more than ever, we can harness that collective knowledge and PeerSpheres technology can help.

Current news cycles inform our judgement. Businesses can no longer afford to keep these people around. They just have to confidently know the problems that the workforce sees.

Be the Change. We will help.

What’s in it
for companies

No camouflage for poor performance.

Candid observations and the persuasive voice of all participants

Frustration can be removed. No more watching bad behaviours and poor performers hiding, getting by…. with nothing that good employees can do.

Better people, better interactions… better results

What’s in it
for employees

No one can avoid scrutiny.

The ability to show up bad behaviours in the workplace.

The ability to as a group tell management where the problems are hiding without risk.

Morale up and stress down as bad behaviours are targeted.

Reservations about the channels of HR and Ombuds-officers.

Better interactions, better people, better workplaces.

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